The Process

This is how an explainer video is made.

STAGE 1. Information Gathering
Here, we gather informations, try to understand your business and goals for the video.

STAGE 2. Scriptwriting
From the informations given, we'll craft together a script that artfully and effectively conveys your message.

STAGE 3. Voice Recording
Once the script approved, voice will be recorded.

STAGE 4. Preliminary Works
This is the pre-production stage where we do some drawings and sketches for concept, design and storyboard. We usually share with you the progress on this stage.

STAGE 5. Production
Once you agree with the concept and style, the real work happens here. This is the production stage where all animation, motion graphics, typography, effects and many more are made.

STAGE 6. Post Production
Music, mixing, final rendering and all finalization works happen here.

STAGE 7. Delivery
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