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Animation Snapshot

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cartoon, animation, kayuapi, gonjak
Another busy day. Mr. Gonjak Animated.

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Ahmedfani (nome de plume) has been doing animation since the year 2000. Graduated from the Multimedia University, Cyberjaya with Digital Film and Animation major, he currently resides in Kuala Lumpur where he gather talented people from various disciplines to create wonders under the name Fanikatun.




About us

Fanikatun Creative House is a one-stop creative centre. Our team is trained to provide the best services where creativity matters. These include animation, voice recording, music composition, illustration, scriptwriting, copywriting and photography.

Why Us?

When you choose Fanikatun Creative House, you choose to receive everything under one roof for your creative need. You may have an idea, we can help it grow. You may have a design, we can help enhance it. We guide you in all creative aspects artistically and musically to help you deliver your product the way it should be delivered.
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