Anyone Can Draw - Observations

Today is the day when I have decided to write some lessons on how to draw - better - for beginners. Inspired by Chef Auguste Gusteau, I will call this lesson series 'Anyone Can Draw' (ripoff!! - do I care?). For not wasting any more time, let start our first lesson.


This is the most important thing before we start a drawing. Tell me, how on earth can we draw a cat if we do not know how a cat should look like? We think that we know a cat, but then when we draw, it end up looks like a dog. How can that happen? Less observation.

This is what an artist must train. To observe and see in details (eventhough we just want to make a simple drawing). When we look at a cat, we should not look only at its general feature. See the eyes, the nose, the paws, its behaviour etc. Memorizing our observations is (for me) dangerous because it might lead to a false memory. So if we have a poor memory, sketch it in our sketchbook. (after all, who in this world got a good memory?)

At the time when we're fully understand our subject, then we can start to draw and it is up to us to stylize the drawing.

So next time we know, if we draw a cat that looks like a dog, that doesn't mean that we cannot draw. We just lack of observation! (and it sometimes happen to me too) So until next time.

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